Men vs Women in Casino Games

Men and women are probably not so different as it may seem, because basically we are playing one life game. But when we challenge our lucks in casino games, men and women are usually found in different places of the hall.


While men sit down at tables and immerse themselves in Poker, Blackjack or other skill games where they can display their prowess to the full, women make a beeline for slot machines where they can chat over their game without concentrating unduly.

So, what are the most attractive casino games for women both on their laptop screens and in a casino house?

Of course, slots

First of all, it’s an excellent starting game if you’re still a novice – thrilling, holding out more promise of a jackpot than table games, and, finally, there’s something so womanish in it!


There is ancient mystery in Roulette with its numbers and the spinning wheel that sets you thinking of the Wheel of Fortune. You feel a part of a ritual and enjoy a high pitch of expectation as the wheel slows down.


Tossing dice seems to be a particular favorite with ladies – the time when luck is actually in your hands! The dice are almost charged with electricity, and only you can control it!


Men’s gambling hit of many centuries, nowadays poker is being slowly but surely taken over by the fair sex. Men still believe that women would fare worse, and while they’re indulging in this delusion, women are apt to take their money.

Meanwhile, men keep dominating poker in all its types, including video poker and online poker. The close second is Blackjack where somehow men are quicker calculators and altogether more decisive. Craps, again, is a game drawing more men than women.

Yet, whatever the differences, the powerful charms of casino games are felt by men and women alike, and it goes to show that we are really made of the same stuff!

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