Sun Rays Protection Tips

We all know that a wide-brimmed straw hat, light clothing and a sunscreen protect us from sunburns. But there are other ways to care for your skin on summer days, though experts stress that they are not a substitute for sunscreens.


1. A “smart” bracelet

Some time ago, American engineers have come up with bracelets, synchronized with a smartphone. They send warning signals to the owner about the threat of sunburns. The smartphone receives a notification like “you need to apply a sunscreen” or “put on sunglasses immediately.” These bracelets not only protect people’s health on the beach, but they are a quite stylish accessory. More affordable bracelets only change their color to warn of the need to get away from the sun.

2. Pills

Imagine a sunscreen that can be taken inside. This specific dietary supplement protects the skin from damage. Typically, it contains antioxidants that help protect you against sunburns. These supplements should be taken twice a day during the hot summer days, or once a day, when the climate is cooler. Naturally, these additives are not a substitute for sunscreens.

3. Green vegetables

A healthy diet is also very important because many antioxidants are contained in food products, especially of plant origin. So lean on green, leafy vegetables, olive oil and almonds, which protect the skin from harmful sun rays. In other words, follow the Mediterranean diet.

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