Plastic Surgery Trends after COVID-19

Plastic surgery clinics have opened after a long period of self-isolation. What do the first clients want to change in their appearance?

Today we understand what and how clients want to do in plastic surgery clinics. Of course, we remind you: any interference in appearance is a serious decision. Please go through a few consultations and think carefully about your choice.

The top surgery has not lost its relevance

Just like before self-isolation, breast surgery, especially breast augmentation, remains the top choice. Girls began to work with their décolleté as soon as the first clinics opened after self-isolation, apparently in order to have time for the recovery period at home and not to take days off (the most difficult time after the surgery is the first two weeks).

Internet conferences have increased the number of people dissatisfied with their appearance

Earlier, communication with the interlocutor in real-time did not force us to look into our own eyes 100 times and evaluate our face. Now we have mastered the methods of online communication (for contacts with colleagues, friends, and relatives) and began to look at ourselves more often “in the reflection” of the screen. It is this peculiarity that has made people want to see a specialist even more.

Is it bad? With a balanced decision and a reasonable approach, there is nothing terrible in it. Just remember: your face may look different on different phones and computers (depending on the model), so you should not consider this option for assessing your beauty as an objective one.

The number of people who want to lose weight has increased

Everything is logical here: a passive lifestyle for three months, when people actually moved from their fridge to their sofa, has affected the waist and sides. Therefore, the number of patients who wish to have liposuction and abdominoplasty (abdominal plastic surgery) has increased. Today, both classical liposuction and ultrasound liposuction are available, which can even help you get false six-pack abs.

However, do not forget that these surgeries give only a short-term effect: if you do not monitor your diet and are not involved in sports, the fat and folds will subsequently return to their place.

A face mask makes rehabilitation more comfortable

We wear protective masks, but our eyes remain open – hence the continued interest in blepharoplasty and the clients who turn to surgeons are getting ever younger. Rhinoplasty (nose surgeries) is also one of the traditionally popular services. During self-isolation, it is easier to hide from others for rehabilitation: firstly, during online negotiations, you can turn off the webcam (none of your colleagues will guess that something has happened to your face), and secondly, the mask saves from unwanted glances of others – it is difficult to understand what is hidden there.

Michael Jackson’s nose is no longer popular

This interesting feature is connected with the fashion of 2020 rather than with the post-quarantine changes. An ultra-short nose in Michael Jackson’s style, which for some reason so many wanted to have (of course, they did not ask for a part of the pop king’s body, but it turned out just like that), has finally ceased to be popular. This pug nose is really not suitable for everyone. Besides, you should never change in honor of some celebrity or blogger – any professional will say that all corrections should be individual in order to look harmonious on your face.

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