Reasons Why Being Famous Sucks

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t, in one time or another, dreamed to be world-famous. It’s an alluring dream, whether you go for fame alone or for fame tied up to a successful career.

But fame entails many issues; it has strings attached. Some people would like to be a well-known personality because they believe it brings power. Army of fans, unceasing attention, being a cynosure of all eyes are highly desirable factors, in conjunction with money and freebies flowing in. Being a celeb means people hang on your words, you reach to their hearts, and you feel warm attention, admiration and love rushing in from everywhere. That is a great feeling!

The thing is, there is another, seamier side to being famous. Popuraity weighs heavy on these people. Along with pleasant attention, they get loads of spiteful speculations, nasty gossip, slanderous lies. Everything they do is scrutinized, panned, their mistakes are derided and remembered for years to come.

Let’s take a closer look at both sides of living under the spotlights


Fame is supposed to send money flowing in, and that is a very attractive side to being a celeb! They buy townhouses and country estates, and they get in hosts of servants to look after their properties.

Celebrities never worry how much their bills run to, they just purchase whatever they fancy, including bespoke clothes, the latest makes of cars, works of art, go to the most popular resorts and stay in the most upmarket hotels. There’s nothing too good for them because they are able to afford any luxury, you name it.

Universal recognition

People recognize celebs at their every step, which is gratifying. They are also recognized by other celebs and get invited to their events and parties.

Opportunities come their way

For a famous person, there are endless opportunities around, linked to their careers or not. Those who are engaged in entertainment can easily step into the business and find a place for themselves there, endorsing or even participating in the production of clothing, perfumes, and suchlike things. Quite a number of stars find their way into producing and selling spheres.

Fans that offer support

What a breathtaking feeling to be aware of masses of people everywhere sharing your life with all its emotions and desires? Whenever an illustrious person reaches for another goal, he or she can be sure that it will draw instant attention and support from fans.

Besides, fans are apt to send mail and express their admiration in other ways that are supportive and encouraging – having an army of followers can’t be but highly inspirational, as all of us will agree.

Special treatment from all sides

An important perk of being famous is enjoying a VIP treatment and becoming prized customers at every place. They can be sure of getting the best seats and tables and enter places to which others are denied entry; they get the best service with the toothiest smiles.

Most people would like to experience this kind of treatment if only for a short time to bask in so much attention – and there are those who receive it without even minding it.

Picture-hungry paparazzi

Picture yourself taking a sort walk and having yourself chased by importunate somebodies who are hell bent on taking photos of your every step – it’s a hard job getting away from them…

It can be even worse for women wearing dresses – you know you have seen such photos of female celebrities caught when their skirts are accidentally hitched. You can’t really guard against it happening, and somebody is watching just for this.

Private life is not quite private

You think you have a right to a private life, but if you’re a celebrity, you are mistaken. Every little thing down to the smallest detail – including ones you completely forgot about – will be dug out and brought out for everyone to speculate over, and this is not a small blight for most stars. People engaged in show business know very well that their lives will be an object of selling out.

The celebrity status requires strong shoulders to carry

There are celebs who handle the attention well, enjoying it and using it in multiple good causes, adopting kids, helping indigent countries, promoting charities, supporting overwhelmed ones or doing good in other ways.

But there are some whom fame drives to self-destruction, and they go splashing their money around, declining to substance abuse, behaving uncontrollably and altogether abusing their status.

Speculations run wild

Famous people make arguably the best rumor material. More often it is small beer, but it can get past a joke when someone starts besmirching them and say or write things that are unsavory for many people who are around.

Getting into fights with other celebrities

We all heard (and some of us in detail) about Drake and Chris Brown ongoing arguing over Rihanna. Now and then famous people have to put up with unwelcome individuals around who throw shadows on their lives. Extremely debasing.

Traveling all over the globe

When your work takes you to all the corners of the globe and you suddenly leave your family and stay away for an indefinite period of time, it is not a life that everyone will delight in.

Subject to stalking

You can remember the unsparing story of stalking Whitney Houston – a man kept harassing the famous singer, turning up at the office, pretending to be her brother, showering her with flowers and finally getting held up for bearing weapons. No telling what might have happened but for her watchful team. Maybe the same thing that happened to Selena, a Latin-American singer and an A-list star of the 90s, who was shot before she turned 24 by her erratic “friend” manager and embezzler.

It means the famous have to be very careful even in their closest circle.

Always showing up

Also, there are some illustrious people who mean to scintillate every time they are in public, misbehaving, raising cain, doing anything that can draw attention – and they don’t seem to care whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous.

Not knowing whom you can trust

Surrounding people helping and managing business matters: are they trustworthy? You may never know about your closest people selling news to tabloids or otherwise capitalizing on your fame. Your fame is just a means to line others‘ pockets.

Bungling is out of the question

Looming ahead is a terrible misgiving that one day the tide may turn. Something goes wrong, no new enticing parts are offered, somebody else gets the limelight. Fame can be blown away due to aging, failing, or simply bad luck. Stars might align differently tomorrow; other people throng to take the coveted place.

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