How To Resist Retailers’ Traps and Buy Less?

How often don’t you have a care in the world and buy a lot of unnecessary things at a sale or take an extra pack of cookies, because you will get another drink as a gift for it? How to resist retailers’ traps that make us waste a lot of money?

Retailers’ Trap #1: Total SALE

This phrase makes you run to the store with wide eyes open and sweep everything away. Something clicks in your brain, and you simply can’t resist buying because it is so cheap! In such a condition people usually buy things that they wear once or do not wear at all.

What can you do about it? Take a friend who wears only expensive things with you. It seems that only she can stop you, saying: “Come on, look at this! It’s kind of cheap! And here is a stain! And in fact, it doesn’t suit you!”

Retailers’ Trap #2: Checkout Items

Usually, accessories, cosmetics and other trinkets are placed at the cash registers. Their price is always extremely attractive. And the longer you stay at the checkout, the more you want to buy something from this range.

You stand for a long time and doubt, putting that trinket first to your basket and then back to the display case. As is well known, it all ends with a purchase.

What can you do about it? Use your head. Think about why all these items lie at the checkout and make you buy them. Promise yourself that you will buy something more worthwhile in another store for this amount.

Retailers’ Trap #3: A Celebrity Has This Thing

Rita Ora put on sneakers with three stripes… Farrell Williams released another 100 colors of these sneakers, all the celebrities wear them and “I also need them urgently.”

What can you do about it? Try to understand that you can’t keep up with all the trends. Read quotes from great fashion experts about individuality and style. Call all people “a faceless mass” and buy a 12th pair of boat shoes.

Retailers’ Trap #4: A Big Basket

Have you ever wondered why there are large shopping bags hanging at the entrance to clothing stores? In practice, almost nobody plans to completely change their wardrobe in advance. However, since you take such a bag, you won’t stop – until you have your whole bag full, you won’t go to the fitting room. By the way, the same works in the grocery store: you came to buy bread, but then you left the store with a full cart.

What can you do about it? Just don’t take a shopping bag. Hold all the things you want to try on in your hands. When your arms start to fall off under the weight of the clothes, go to the fitting room immediately.

Retailers’ Trap #5: 99

These nines are trying to confuse us! What can we do about it? Be alert, count your money adequately and remember that 99 is closer to 100, not to 0.

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