The 90’s Chunky Hair Highlighting Is Back

Modern stars and bloggers follow Spice Girls’ Jerry Halliwell and her red-hair dyeing.

Highlighting with clearly defined strands was incredibly popular in the 1990-s. In the mid-noughties, it finally yielded to more blurry Balayage shades and other techniques that create a natural effect on the hair. Colorists say in such situations that there should be a feeling as if the curls have burned out in the sun, and there was no visit to the beauty salon afterwards.

It seems that all phrases about naturalness can be forgotten now. Highlighting from our beloved riotous era is once again becoming the number one goal for bloggers and stars.

Let us find posters with Jerry Halliwell from the Spice Girls band and with actress Anna Paquin from the X-Men movie. Back in those times, it was characteristic to highlight strands near the face with a different color. Highlighting was uneven and contrasting (black and gray, red and white). However, the lessons of the past and modern technology were not in vain – the trend was reconsidered. Today, contrasts are not so clear, and the options for color combinations have become even greater (for example, someone is experimenting with pink).

Now, you can’t call this style deliberately careless: look at least at the singer Beyoncé and at her neatly dyed locks. By the way, another plus of the trend (in addition to the nostalgia for the nineties) is that such strands visually narrow the face, or, in the language of makeup artists, contour the face (they have a whole system with a lot of decorative means for visual narrowing of the face).

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