5 Winter Wardrobe Fashion Essentials for 2020

With winter upon us, we can expect two things. Firstly, the arrival of freezing temperatures with the occasional snow, and the second is a new chance to style your outfits creatively to adapt to the winter weather. And if you’re looking for a good place to start building a wonderful winter wardrobe for the coming year, read on to find out the 5 fashion essentials that will have you looking like a sartorial star this coming season:

1. Coats

Credit: Topshop

The increasingly cold temperatures will mean you need to pile on more and more layers to stay warm. As one of the final layers of your outfit, you should pay extra attention to your choice of outerwear, as it could mean the difference between a stylish outfit and looking dowdy. Thankfully, a tailored coat is a perfect piece to pull off an effortlessly chic look. A double-breasted camel coat like this one from Topshop is a beautiful item to invest in for your winter wardrobe, as its classy appearance can complement just about any other bit of clothing.

2. Sweaters

Credit: Woman Within

Nothing says winter weather like a good old sweater. They shine bright during winter, as you get to experiment with styling them to keep you looking good and feeling cozy. From chunky knits to chic turtleneck pieces, the range of comfortable sweaters on Woman Within show just how versatile they can be, as they add texture and elegance to your outfits. You can up your layering skills by wearing a dress shirt underneath a cable-knit number for a preppy dynamic. Or, you can put on a blazer over a turtleneck sweater for an edgier outfit.

3. Leggings

Credit: Plush

Skinny jeans are so popular because of their sleek and versatile shape, but it’s best to avoid them during winter because the thin material won’t protect your legs against the cold wind. A lovely alternative is a pair of fleece-lined leggings, which are a fashion godsend during winter, as the soft fleece will keep you snug all season. In this regard, the different fleece-lined leggings featured on Oprah Magazine will not only provide the warmth you need, but the silhouette will provide balance to heavier winter pieces like a wool coat or a knit sweater.

4. Scarves

Credit: Roots73

Of course, your winter outfit wouldn’t be complete without wrapping yourself in a fashionable and functional scarf. Scarves not only shield your neck against harsh winds, they also provide a sophisticated sartorial touch to your look. Case in point, this U-RAVENLAKE knit scarf from Roots73 strikes the right balance between style and comfort. Whether you wear it in the traditional wraparound style or let it hang loose, a scarf is the quintessential winter accessory.

5. Boots

Credit: Mango

While boots are a style staple that can be worn any season, they’re best suited for upping your style for winter. A smart pair of boots like these classic Chelsea ones from Mango can do wonders for you during this season, as they will keep you looking put together — whether it’s braving the cold on your bike or walking to the grocery store on a snowy day. Wear them with your leggings, and it will bring more style and structure to your look.

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