Three New Quality Yamaha In-ear Headphones

Yamaha has just unveiled three high-quality in-ear headphones – EPH-20, EPH-30 and EPH-50 – each with three ear buds, a different driver unit, and allowing the customer to choose from a range of sizes and colors according to his or her preferences.

Yamaha EPH-20 In-ear Headphones

Yamaha EPH-20 comes in black, reddish-brown, indigo blue, lime green, and hot pink colors with a 10.7mm driver unit.

Yamaha EPH-30 In-ear Headphones

EPH-30’s driver unit is 9mm, the choice of colors is limited to the classic black or white; this set features a function that drowns external noises.

Yamaha EPH-30 In-ear Headphones

Advertized as a professional-quality set, EPH-50 is equipped with a 13.6mm sound driver and a 1/4-inch plug adapter for home stereo use.

Yamaha EPH-50 In-ear Headphones

All the three new Yamahas have durable construction (EPH-50 made extra durable) and boast of high efficiency that goes easy on mp3 batteries. They use dynamic type sound rivers on 20~21,000Hz frequency response.

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