The Washing Chair – Alternative Clothes Cleaner

Alternative Clothes CleanerForget about buzzing and jumping monsters in your bathroom. They will not bother you any more, if you decide for the new washing machine Alternative Clothes Cleaner by Harsha Vardhan from New-Delhi, India. And what’s the nicest thing in this gadget is that it even doesn’t look like a usual washing machine.

Its design resembles a large, wide soft chair – you can, of course, sit on it. It should be mentioned, that the new Alternative Clothes Cleaner will not let itself be noisy or jump not because of some intellectual characteristics of the new gadget, but because of the fact, that the washing machine doesn’t use water to wash the clothes. They are cleaned only with ionized air. This device is both washer and dryer. Unfortunately, I don’t know, how much such a gadget costs, but the idea of a washing chair is very special – bravo.

Alternative Clothes Cleaner Dialog

Alternative Clothes Cleaner

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