Swarovski Crystal Adorned Crystograph iPad and iPhone 4 Ice Edition

The Korean Crystograph is not known for holding back when it comes to adornment gadgets – on the contrary, nothing is too good and there can’t be too many Swarovski crystals. That latter motto has recently been given additional proof with the release of crystal-studded and dazzling Ice Edition iPad and iPhone 4. Both were created by one of Korea’s most famous designers Petria Kwon.

iPad and iPhone 4 Ice Edition

His new VVIP special Jeweled iPad Ice Edition is done over with 12,000 of the finest Swarovski crystals (there is an alternative black diamond model as a “quieter” version). The scintillating iPhone 4 Ice Edition’s detachable slide case carries 2,700 crystals, the design dubbed “crystal moonlight”.

Source of the image: Luxatic.