Sunshine Jars – Jars That Contain Sunlight

The latest in amazing gadgets are the Sun and Moon Jars that contain a solar cell of remarkable efficiency, a rechargeable battery and LED lamps that run on minimum energy. To charge the battery, you won’t need any cords or plugs! Place the jar in direct sunlight and the solar cell will work to produce emf or electrical current to charge the battery. At night, you can then turn on the three LED lamps using the stored energy, which is a beautiful sight to behold.

Sunshine Jars

To complement this exciting gadget, the Sun or Moon Jar is frosted, which disperses the light and essentially makes the light look like it’s radiated by the sun or the stunning glow of the moon. The LED lights are also warm colored which enhances the natural look and feel. Another surprise of this gadget is that the jars don’t have any apparent switches. Whenever it gets dark, the Sun or Moon Jar brightens up by itself because of the automatic light sensor inside. Of course, if you want to conserve the battery, then there is an override switch that you can find inside the lid which will turn off the lights at night.

You can keep the Sun Jar outdoors in any conditions if you want, because the water tight Mason jars will ensure its safety. These lights are perfect for decorating the garden or using as a dimmed light for your children’s bedroom. However, to work properly this gadget must be exposed to direct sunlight. To charge it correctly, you will need to place the Sun Jar outdoors during a sunny day or in a window which is exposed to sufficient sunlight. It takes several hours to get completely charged. The light from electrical bulbs indoors isn’t strong enough to charge the Sun Jar. The Sun and Moon jars run from the power of a standard AA rechargeable battery that can be found in most stores and can be replaced if required.

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