Stylish Pogo Stylus for iPhone and iPod

How about using an elegant accessory on your iPhone 3G or 3GS instead of endless prodding with fingers? Let’s see how it will be if you get a Pogo Stylus (with a special travel clip to ensure that it is always at hand and clinging nicely to your iPod or iPhone).

Pogo Stylus

The extra-light Stylus, graceful-looking with its anodized finish over the aluminum body, has an accuracy-tailored soft tip that travels over the display with ease and assurance, leaving no smudges or grease. Drawing gets easier, sketching becomes pure fun, typos and mis-hits that are often caused by injudicious finger pressure, are firmly excluded.


The Pogo Stylus will provide perfect functionality whatever the length of your nails – your iPhone can no longer curb your nail preferences!

iPhone Pogo Stylus

Cold is setting in and your hands are gloved? No need to peel the gloves off for managing your iPhone when your Pogo Stylus offers a much greater convenience.

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