Sony Walkman B-series for Zappin' Addicts

Well, if one comes down to brass tacks, there’s no abundance of up-to-date sophistication about this new MP3 USB-based player. The zapping function – which Sony Walkman actually inherits from Sony’s screenless players of old – allows you to find the desired track by playing a five-second middle passage from each tune. (Remember the scan mode in the radio in your car.) It would be a boon for anyone not having time or wish to consult the legend on the LCD.

Sony's Walkman B-series

Besides zapping it offers the bare possibilities of tuning to FM and voice recording.

There’s only 2GB storage at your service which looks a little scanty, and 18 hours of running on battery. If you’re in a hurry, charge it for three minutes to get an hour and a half of music supply. Sale details haven’t been given out yet.

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