Sony VAIO with a Crocodile Twist

A fashionista can be easily recognized by her computer. Or rather, by her laptop – for who of them would own a weighty stationary affair when there’s an easily tackled computer that goes with you everywhere?

Sony VAIO Fashionable Laptop

And what’s more, one look is enough to see that there is no other laptop like this around. A designer’s brilliant touch… a stylish concept… a fashionable but bagatelle that makes all the difference… Like the special VAIO C-series designed by Sony with this in mind.

How would you like to own a Crocodile skin laptop? Sony VAIO C-series offers you three color choices. (Along with the crocodile skin you get 500GB hard, Core 2 Duo processors, 8GB of RAM.)

Sony VAIO Laptops

All this high-tech and style luxury goes for around $1,047 – and you will be easily taken for a fashionista at the first glance at your laptop!

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