Sony Ericsson Releases a Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson decided it was time they hit the market with a mobile phone sporting a professional-made design. Their new beauty will be called the Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone.

Sony Ericsson Jalou Dolce & Gabbana Phone

It will feature a built-in FM radio, an MP3 player, a pedometer. A Bluetooth and a 3.2 megapixel camera for taking photos and making videos are also there for you.

Intended clearly for women, the Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone will have a Mirror key enabling the fair sex with an easy means for their regular checkup.

Luxury Sony Ericson and D&G Mobile Phone

Measuring 73mm long the phone will fit in nicely practically anywhere ensconcing itself comfortably among your lipstick tubes or slipping in any decorative pocket in your clothing.

There will be an ordinary model coming in Q4 in Onyx Black, Deep Amethyst, and Aquamarine Blue, and the luxury one – 24k gold-plated D&G thing in Sparkling Rose with a Bluetooth headset mate in an arty packaging.

We’ll have to wait a while for the prices.

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