The 4 Best Smartphone Apps for Money Management for Female Executives

Managing your finances is a top priority, but how much time do you spend doing it? Keeping up with receipts, bills, expenses, groceries, savings, and checking accounts can get tedious, not to mention confusing. Start managing your money the smart way, by using your smartphone to do it for you.

Discover the Ease of Discover Mobile


The free Discover online banking app, Discover Mobile, is one of the best smartphone apps for money management if you have an account. Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, it allows you to view your account from anywhere. In addition to keeping an eye on your funds, you can pay bills, redeem or manage your Cashback Rewards, send money to friends, family, or other accounts, and much more. The ability to reach your Passbook also lets you spend or manage linked gift cards. You get the extra security of working with Paypal too.

Check Everything with Check – Bills & Money


Check – Bills & Money is a fantastic app for keeping up with your funds. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones for free. It keeps up with literally every account you need to manage. With this app, you can connect and access:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Credit cards, mortgages, and loans
  • Your bills, when they’re due, and how much you owe
  • Investments
  • Reward programs
  • And text or calling minutes on your phone

The app keeps a running tally of how much debt you owe compared to how much money you have in your accounts. It alerts you when payments are due, plus it keeps your credit score updated, so you’ll always know the finer details of your finances.

Budget Better Using HomeBudget with Sync


If you need help budgeting, then HomeBudget is definitely one of the best smartphone apps for you. After you discover online banking, discover how easy it is to keep up with your home budgets. HomeBudget is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad, and although it costs $4.99, it’s worth every penny. In addition to creating budgets for everything, from work expenses to groceries to luxuries, this app also keeps up with your income and analyzes the spending habits you have for each category. The Family Sync feature works in real-time, so that everyone in the family knows what’s happening.

Control Your Debts with Debt Snowball Pro


2appMoney management is sometimes hard because of a fear of debt. If you’re worried about credit card debt, defaulted loans, or student loans, Debt Snowball Pro can help you. The pro version is available for iPhone for $2.99 and there’s a lite version for $1.99 for Android users. Either version of the app will help you by showing you how you can start paying off your debts completely, one at a time. You can choose to do it by interest rate, full balance, or minimum payment. You simply provide your debt information and the app helps you choose a method.

Let your smartphone work for you, since it’s such a clever device. What apps have improved your money management skills?

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