Smart-Mirror Forme Life Will Help You Stay in Shape during COVID-19 Quarantine

The self-isolation regime introduced due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic leads to a sharp decrease in the physical activity of people, which affects not only the physical, but also the moral state. High-tech startups immediately responded to the need to create new devices aimed at increasing the physical activity of the citizens, who are locked up in a limited space and cannot attend gyms during the epidemic.

Industrial designer Yves Behar, who worked with clients such as General Electric, Swarovski, Samsung and Prada, offered an original smart mirror combined with the Forme Life weight training system. The electric motor built into the unit allows you to create loads that provide training for certain muscle groups.

The Forme Life system has built-in heart rate monitoring and special ankle straps for a wide range of physical activities. The integrated training system offers a variety of sets of exercises. The load during training is continuously adjustable depending on the physical condition of the user.

Using the Forme Life simulator, you can increase muscle mass, develop stamina, burn excess fats, practice yoga and engage in barre – a complex in which dances are combined with power loads. According to the developers, the Forme Life screen will display instructors full-size.

The cost of the Forme Life complex is quite impressive and reaches 5,811 dollars. However, the payment can be divided into 39 months, paying $149 each time. Deliveries of simulators will begin by the fall of 2020.

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