How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work If COVID-19 Separated You

Self-isolation has separated many couples, who still have not lived together. Sexting seems to be one of the ways to maintain a relationship at a distance. We are trying to figure out what mistakes in sexting are made by beginners and how to make messaging as hot as offline sex.

Before starting to text messages, look at the gallery of celebrities with the most impressive torsos:

Rule 1: Security

Before we start telling you what, when and how to write to a man, we need to remind you of the most important rule of sexting – data security.

Everything that turned out to be on the Internet remains on the Internet forever, therefore, sexting should be approached not only with fantasy and creativity, but also with intelligence. We hope for the best while getting ready for the worst, as it is often said.

A phone can be stolen, accounts on social networks and instant messengers can be hacked by scammers, and the boyfriend will suddenly turn out to be a very bad person after separation. In case of any of these outcomes, intimate photos can become a tool for blackmail or revenge.

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself despite the ongoing sexting:

1. If you send intimate photos or videos to your interlocutor, try not to show your face in those pictures. In this case, you can simply abandon the files, saying that they have nothing to do with you.

The same is true about some notable moles or tattoos on the body.

2. Send intimate photos / videos only to those partners, whom you can confide in, and be attentive to the sending process itself. Try not to be mistaken with the addressee.

3. Don’t worry! Even if your photos get on the net, nothing bad will happen! No one can forbid you to show your sexuality in a way that suits you. Nowadays, intimate photos are a common thing. They are made by your friend, by your colleague… they are made even by Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Rule 2: Relevance

Before you start sexting, you should make sure that the partner can and wants to participate in this kind of communication. Of course, it seems very sexual that a man can get your intimate photo at the height of his working day, but what if he receives it during an important meeting?

Even worse. What if he makes a presentation and the screen of his laptop is displayed on the projector? Eventually, if the man is busy, he will not be able to appreciate either your messages or photos, and this can be a serious reason for frustration, especially if you have long nurtured the idea of sexting and finally decided to bring it to life.

To understand whether your messages are appropriate, you just need to ask what the interlocutor is doing at this moment. This will be more than enough to get started.

Rule 3: Intrigue

Sexting is a great prelude. Act consistently, moving from the smallest to the greatest. If you are sending photos, save the most exposing pics for dessert. If you are sexting, start from some distance.

Of course, a man wants everything here and now, but if he can be teased and aroused even more, you should not miss such an opportunity.

You can prolong this “foreplay” for the whole day. To do this, it is necessary to form a man’s initial interest in maintaining the dialogue: in the morning, you can hint that he is going to get something spicy in the evening.

Male interest is already half the battle won. All you have to do afterwards is to support him and fuel his desire throughout the day. For example, using messages such as: “Can’t wait to meet?”, “Try to guess what I have prepared for you.” The key is to really surprise a man with something unexpected. Otherwise, the trick will fail.

You can support the intrigue in other ways, if, for example, making intimate photos has already become familiar to you. Sexting does not necessarily imply the exchange of photographs that show your naked body.

You can do without it. For example, you can send a photo of sexy underwear with the caption “Tonight I will be waiting for you in this.” Everything will then be done by his imagination.

Sexting ideas

Photo striptease

It resembles real striptease, but instead of dancing there is a photograph in which you are gradually getting rid of your clothes. You can allow a man to take part in the game, periodically allowing him to choose which garment you will get rid of next. After all, you will decide whether he sees you completely naked in the end or not (see point 3).

Hint for a man

If you want something, say it openly – this is the golden rule of good sex. However, men often perceive conversations about sex painfully, especially if a woman is unsatisfied with something and wants to “direct” a man to the right path.

In the context of game interaction, everything is perceived a little differently. So you can safely use sexting in order to let the man know about your desires. Tell him what you would like to receive from him. Describe everything in detail, use verbs in the present tense, as if this is already happening: “You are kissing me here,” “Then you are helping me lie on my stomach and…”

Do not forget to mention your feelings. Positive motivation must be formed in a man for him to accept this as a signal for action. You can insert the following sentences into the description of actions: “I am terribly excited by this”, “I am so satisfied that I am closing my eyes.”

Best memories

Invite a partner to write letters to each other (emails or real letters, which can be sent by mail) with the memories of your coolest sex. This will help not only add a twinkle to your sex life, but also remember how good it is for you if you are at a distance or experiencing difficult times in a relationship.

If a man is shy, be decisive and be the first to write a letter. Your example will prompt him to action.

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