Smart Bra Somainnofit Detects Your Size Correctly

The most important trends of recent times are the desire for maximum convenience and comfort. Our clothing directly affects the achievement of these goals. In particular, this relates to such an intimate part of the female wardrobe as a bra. As the researchers found, only 1 in 5 women has underwear of the correct size. So, four-fifths of women experience daily discomfort from a wrongly chosen bra.

At the CES 2019 exhibition, Soma company presented a bra designed to finally solve this problem. This truly “smart” Somainnofit device looks like a regular sports bra. Inside it, there is a special elastic thread that reads breast parameters when the product is put on.

The obtained values are transferred to a special application installed on an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. So you can get maximum accuracy, avoiding many tedious fittings. Somainnofit also solves the problem of changing the bust size, for example, during pregnancy, breastfeeding or diet. Technology can take these factors into account.

The “smart” bra is designed for more than 500 measurements without recharging or about 5 years of consecutive weekly measurements. After determining the bust parameters in the range from 32A to 44G, the gadget remains on for 5 more minutes, and then it automatically turns off. Somainnofit is not intended for permanent wear.

The development costs too much. The price of Soma Somainnofit is $59, and there is a discount on the official website of the manufacturer. Interestingly, from now on, smart Somainnofit bras will be used in all Soma brand stores to accurately determine the size of the breasts of all their customers who want to purchase products.

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