Opté by Procter & Gamble Covers up Pigment Spots Automatically

At the Consumer Electronic Show 2019, the American manufacturer Procter & Gamble demonstrated its Opté device, which recognizes pigment spots on the skin and automatically conceals them.

The gadget was equipped with special LEDs. They highlight the skin and help to find the smallest flaws. There is also a camera that can produce up to two hundred images of the study area per second. There is also an algorithm with image recognition technology, analyzing the hue of each fragment. It compares these images with each other in real time.
Finding the area where correction is required, Opté connects the built-in “printer” with 120 “nozzles”. It applies a thin layer of tone. How intensely is makeup applied? In the settings, the correction area does not stand out against the natural background. As the engineers note, this technology does not just promptly hide flaws of the skin. It reduces by 99% the volume of applied concealers in relation to the manual application.

The manufacturer notes that the basis of the applied Opté are not only pigments, presented in several forms for different skin tones. Moisturizers and anti-aging products are also used. They are intended to help people finally get rid of age spots.

It is not reported yet, when and at what price they will start selling the new product. However, it is already known that it will be necessary to change the cartridge with the stocks of foundation once in two months. The price of the component materials is not reported.

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