Scandinavian Urbanears – Good Headphones, Bright Color

Those new headphones from Scandinavia called Urbanears were clearly designed for those who like to sport their signature colors – or simply throw a splash of color onto their immediate surroundings.

Scandinavian Urbanears

Unique textures and fabrics were used in creation of Urbanears in an attempt to make them look “part garment, part headphone”.

Scandinavia Headphone

Made rather with an eye for fashion than for hard wear, they still provide a fair sound quality featuring enriched sound performance capability. They are equipped with a microphone and a remote control and are compatible with practically any make of your cell phone.

Color intended as one of the predominant features, Urbanears come in 10 different color options and the stripped-down versions in 14.

There are also two styles to choose from – the ‘Tanto’ (designed along the lines of the 80s walkman headphones) and the ‘Plattan’ (over-ear model). The latter boasts an additional feature – the ‘Zound’ plug, a patented technology whereby your friend or relative can plug in and listen in no matter where you are.

Urbanears are available in the UK for £34.99 (the Tanto) and £54.99 (the Plattan).

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