Ring with Images of Your Beloved Instead of Locket

Maybe old-fashioned lockets were really beautiful things which don’t deserve to be left behind, but the idea of combining the wedding ring and a slide projector with a bunch of your sweet wife’s images is not bad at all!

Projector wedding ring

The projector ring was conceived by Luke Jerram for his wedding, in collaboration with jeweler Tamrakar. There’s a transparent slide installed showing Jerram and his fiancée Shelina Nanji and a lens on the opposite side. When you send a ray of light through it the ring makes a decent projector. The built-in slides can be changed at will.

For time to come this ring will remain unique. Jerram turns down all requests to make a replica for other newlyweds, reminding them that the best way to make their partners feel one and only is to design a unique present for them!

Source of the image: Bookofjoe.

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