How to Hint at Which Engagement Ring Styles You Really Love

When it comes to your engagement ring, you want it to be the style you’ll love forever. You’ve found the love of your life and you’re ready to celebrate. You may have some ideas for what engagement ring styles you like and you want to be sure your significant other gets the hint.

Whether you’re leaning towards gold engagement rings, vintage wedding rings, or the ever-popular rose gold or platinum engagement rings, help your partner out by dropping a few hints or giving them some ideas.Here’s a quick guide for how to help your partner design a ring that is just your style.

Show Pictures of Engagement Ring Styles You Like

Nothing paints a more clear picture than showing photos of the engagement ring styles you like. Diamond rings come in a variety of shapes, colors, price points, and styles. There are more than just diamond rings out there to choose from. Rose gold engagement rings are beautiful options that are completely unique.

Your partner may appreciate a few photos of styles you like to help them narrow it down. If you want to be a little surprised but help point them in the right direction, photos can be a great resource. Go online and save some inspiration pictures. You can literally find the exact ring you want or you can compile a few inspiration photos and let them surprise you a little. Pictures can be really helpful for your partner to take to a jewelry store or for ideas for designing or buying a ring online.

Go Shopping or Design a Ring Together

Maybe you don’t like surprises. Maybe your significant other doesn’t want the pressure. Whatever your reason, it is completely fine for you and your partner to go shopping for your ring together if that’s what works for you.

You can also design a ring together and you can be sure to get the exact ring you want. If this route works better for you both then go for it. What is most important is that you are your partner are on the same page and are working together to make this special time a happy one for both of you. When you design or shop for a ring together, you can be sure you’re getting the exact style, shape, and color you want, all within budget.

Get Help From a Friend

If you do want to be a little more surprised, you can ask a friend to go with your partner to shop. You can also show them pictures of engagement ring styles you like so they can help your partner out. A friend will be able to pass your opinions on to your partner and help share your tastes. If you do want to be totally surprised, tell your friend not to tell you if they went with or if your partner asked for help.

According to a recent study, it turns out only one in three proposals in the United States is a surprise. Leaving a little surprise will help make the day magical. For more marriage relationships, or engagement tips and advice visit the relationships section for more great resources.

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