Three Tips to Make Quiet Heels Possible

We all know that heels are one of the symbols of women empowerment in the 21st century. There was a time when it was just used by men who were insecure about their height. However, time passed by and it was the women who found these shoes quite fancy. As most women were shorter than men, it was also a way for them to be a bit equal at least in stature. There was also a time when these heels were considered as a sexual tool for the fairer sex. Now, it is a common footwear that can be seen almost anywhere around the world. Even though it can be uncomfortable, there’s just something about them that makes you feel powerful.

However, there is another thing that just makes them annoying to wear: they can be quite loud. The clack-clack noise of your stilettos against the floor usually has a negative connotation on many others. It can be quite empowering for you, but it is intimidating for them. There are also other people who are just annoyed of this kind of sound. It can be quite embarrassing to walk into your office with this just disturbing others. If you are the boss then this might be your greeting, but it can sound really obnoxious.

So where does this sound come from? Well, there can be a lot of reasons. For one, it can be the shoe itself. There must be a problem with the shoes and you might need to repair it. It can be a loose heel or flap. Most high shoes are usually quite heavy which can also contribute to the sounds it makes. The way you walk is also a factor to the formation of these sounds. Stomping them instead of walking quietly is not just a great way of using your shoes, but it can be annoying as well.

Here are some tips on how to stay silent while in heels:

Choose A Pair That Fits You Well

We could not stress this enough: a good pair of shoes will really depend on a lot of factors. If you are choosing something that you would potentially use for a long time, choose something comfortable. It should not be too loose as this can be the cause of the loud sounds. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too tight either. This can potentially injure you even if your steps get quieter. If you are looking for the perfect shoe, always leave an allowance on your heels. That way your feet can also grow into it and you would avoid injuries on your ankles. But there are ways to avoid it.

Avoid Wooden Or Hollow Floors If Possible

These places are the ones that can really create those steps that we know and are familiar with. Fortunately, most office floors do have tiles which are not as bad as the wooden floors. You can just walk a bit slowly if you know that your shoes are making those clacking sounds. On the other hand, there are just places that you cannot avoid like your own home for example. You may have wooden floors or hollow ones that just make sounds even if you are just walking on foot. Try to put your weight on the balls of your foot lightly, alternating with each step.

Attach A Heel Cap Or Cushion To Your Heels

Another way that you can stay quiet with your footsteps while wearing heels is through pads, caps or cushions. Heel caps are good for those stilettos as these do make a lot of sound on any surface. This can also protect your heels from damage as these cushion your heels from the floor so that you can walk quieter. There are also cushions that you can use if your shoes are way too big for you. It can provide comfort to your ankles and heels as it can help make your shoes into the fit that would be right for you.

Heels are great as a way for any woman to feel more secure and confident with themselves. However, this should not affect the way that you walk as well. Try out some of those tips and maybe you can see a big difference in how you walk around your school, office or even your home.

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