What Do Pillow and Reading Lamp Have in Common?

Pillow LightIt’s funny how designers keep redefining everyday objects. Take a pillow for example. What else can it be good for except laying your head on it and having good night’s sleep? Ask Korean designer Sehwan Oh who recently came up with a new gadget – The Pillow Light. Probably, he gathered inspiration from the Glowing Pillow I wrote earlier about, but the idea has nothing to do with the concept of silent alarm clock.

Most reviews on the Light Pillow emphasize it can make reading in bed more comfortable and help readers avoid stiff neck. Children who love lying on the floor when they read books or flip over kids’ magazines would also like the idea. Personally, I will probably buy this because I like reading in bed. But, to be honest, I’m not sure LED-light is bright enough for reading. But what struck me about the gadget was its name. Why should the thing called the Pillow Light be associated only with reading?

What about a cool piece of furniture? You can easily create amorous or mysterious settings by arranging glowing pillows around the room. The Pillow Light may be at hand if the power shuts off. You can use it as a flashlight to light your way around the house. Being comfortable and dependable source of light, it is also a great thing to take with you on a trip.

Girl with Pillow Light

Well, sales figures will show if this new gadget will be a success. Pricing and availability of the Pillow Light is not known yet.

Source of the image: 7gadgets.com, bedzine.com.

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