Your Glo Pillow Will Wake You Up

Glo PillowAll modern alarm clocks wake you up at a particular time independent from the sleep phase you are in. As a result, the risk of waking up with a headache and in a bad mood increases a lot. Traditional alarm clocks wake you up by the sound you hate, no matter how nice the melody is. Even if you set your favorite song as a waking melody, you will hate it some morning, because nobody likes to wake up early. But here’s a solution, how to make the waking up process more natural and smoother – the glo Pillow.

This pillow was designed as an alternative to the usual alarm clock. It works the following way. Using a LED fabric substrate, it starts to glow 40 minutes before the alarm time pre-set to wake you up. So, it brings you out of sleep very gently, without contradicting your natural body clock. This means, that the glo pillow allows you to wake up every day the healthy way. By the way, the mentioned LEDs also display the time on the pillow, so you don’t need traditional alarm clock at all. I wonder only, how comfortable it is to sleep on and how much time one needs to get accustomed to this pillow.

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