The Mesh Dress with Plants Growing on It

Quite a lot of women admire nature, and some of them may admire it so much as to jump at the occasion to wear it on themselves. That is a pretty literal suggestion! A recent design by Ali Seçkin Karayol and Mette Lyckegaard allows to do just that, wear a garden of your own anywhere you go. Don’t you believe it yet?

Mesh Dress with green plants on it

Look here: their design is called the Mesh Dress and is done over in organic waste container slots. You can really plant there flowers, herbs and plants that you are fond of or that symbolize you. Buy the seeds, plant them in the outer slots of the dress and give them some kitchen compost nourishment. In a while you will be blooming with life in what the creator called “a beautiful symbiosis between nature and citizens.” The (probably) most convenient way to become as one with the green pristine world and create an ecosystem of your own around you can be a bold fashion statement as well as a psychologically inspiring outfit. Moreover, it can be a different dress with every year, and you will always look like a fresh bouquet!

Innovative design Mesh Dress

Plants on Mesh Dress

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