New Condition: Electronic Insomnia

Doctors state that more and more people come to them with a self-diagnosis. The patients think they are sick with chronic fatigue. As a symptom, they name fatigue and say they are getting tired quickly, even after a good night’s sleep or a vacation.

Adrenal Fatigue

The doctors believe that only one in five people has a real disease, provoking fatigue. And the disorder faced by the patients is called “electronic insomnia“.

The fact is that most people simply cannot relax: sitting in the cinema, they are browsing Facebook, waking at night to drink the water they find it difficult to resist checking their e-mail at the same time, and going to the beach, they will forget the sunscreen rather than the telephone. Current opportunities can only spur this interest: being out of town, in cafes, or in the subway you can get online.

Of course, chronic fatigue is most readily discussed on various forums. There has also been sounded the two main reasons for the “epidemic of the 21st century”. The users blame hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid activity) and “adrenal fatigue”. The symptoms, in addition to fatigue, include the problems with digestion, sleep, nervousness, and strange pain. According to this theory, stress is the only reason for making the adrenal glands “worn out”. Meanwhile, medicine still knows nothing about this ailment.

Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Oxford, John Wass, says that a large number of patients turn to hospitals to check if they have “adrenal fatigue“.

The doctors of private clinics, in their turn, prescribe steroid drugs, which suppress the adrenal system of the brain that may be dangerous to liver and heart, may decrease libido, cause mood swings and unjustified aggression.

According to the doctor, to get rid of the fatigue, one just needs to turn off the phones, laptops and other devices before going to sleep, and spend a weekend away from home, without the computer and the I-pad that do not allow us to rest.

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