Leisure Massage Chair by Xiaomi & Momoda

Momoda and Xiaomi companies are launching a large massage chair designed to help you relax as much as possible after a hard day at work or a workout. It has 6 basic operating modes with various massage techniques.

The novelty is able to adapt to the user’s height and weight. The position of the shoulders is determined automatically. On the basis of these data, the movements of the special roller are adjusted. The body is also affected by thermal constructions based on graphene. They accelerate blood circulation and warm the joints.

For the feet, calf muscles and hands, soft covering pads are provided, equipped with vibratory mechanisms. An application on your smartphone or a remote control can be used to adjust the strength of massaging different parts of the body. If necessary, you can choose your own massage mode, choosing which muscles to use and how you should act.

A special mechanism not only tilts the chair, but also switches to the weightless mode, if necessary. In this case, the weight of a person’s body is distributed over the chair as evenly as possible. The load on the joints is extremely reduced, and there is the feeling of soaring in the air.

The novelty looks quite cumbersome. However, its dimensions are not too large in comparison to the analogues: 146x70x115 centimeters. Thanks to the built-in rear wheels, the chair is easy to move around the apartment.

Momoda and Xiaomi have made the novelty of artificial durable leather, but its soft filling is made of fire-resistant eco-friendly materials.

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