Clothing Items That Will Always Stay in Style

Many girls are interested in the question of how to always be fashionable and at the same time not spend a lot of money on creating a look. In fact, everything is very simple. A woman will always look beautiful, elegant and stylish, if there are basic things in her closet that are always trendy. Such clothes can be worn for 5, 10, 15 years and still be relevant. In addition, such things are suitable for ladies of any age, regardless of whether they are 20 or 40 years old. And now let’s take a closer look at the clothing items, shoes and accessories that will never go out of fashion and will become an excellent basis for a wardrobe.

1. Trench

Trench is a raincoat model, the main attributes of which are cuffs, yoke, straps and a back slit. Sand trenches from such brands as Burberry, Massimo Dutti, J. Crew and Asos are considered to be the classic option. In the modern market, fashionistas are offered both short and long products that fit any look. Yes, the raincoat can be worn not only with a dress or a business suit. It will also look advantageous in a tandem with jeans, light airy dresses, and wide trousers. Under a trench coat, you can even wear a vest – it will be very fresh and interesting. As for shoes, freedom of choice is also offered. The raincoat will look well with studs, ballet shoes, sneakers, or classic boats.

2. White sneakers

Since sport is always in fashion, sneakers will never become old-fashioned. White models with a concise design have always been the most stylish at all times. The absence of prints, logos, laces and other decorative elements is the main requirement for trend sneakers, which deserve to take their rightful place in the basic wardrobe. They can be worn at any time of the year in any weather, it is only important to choose the right material. They look very harmonious not only with jeans, mini-skirts, but also with romantic chiffon dresses, short and long trousers, as well as with the above-mentioned trench coats. The best models of sneakers, which will last for years, are offered by brands such as Reebok, Nike and Converse.

3. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are classics of business style. These shoes will be popular as long as the office fashion for suits, jackets, and strict dresses lasts. Now, there is a large number of different models for every taste and cost: pointed-toe shoes, stiletto heels, or shoes on a low thin heel. By the way, according to, suede shoes are the ideal option, since suede, unlike leather, is best in harmony with black tights. The girls who do not like studs, can opt for a wide heel, the main thing is that it looks elegant and makes its owner elegant. Pleasant is the fact that the shoes can complement any image and look good both in the office and at a conference or a social event.

4. A white shirt

The classic straight white shirt with no decorative elements is the basis of any wardrobe. This thing is completely self-sufficient, goes well with anything whether it is jeans, pants or a skirt. Stylists advise to choose a shirt whose length will be slightly below the fly. So you will have an opportunity to create much more looks because you can stick it inside the jeans or wear it up, if we are talking about casual style. When you buy clothes, note that the cotton shirt looks very voluminous, so this disadvantage should be compensated with narrow pants, leggings or tight-fitting jeans. Lightweight models of flowing fabrics fit any clothing.

5. A black turtleneck

The main advantage of a black turtleneck is that it offers many variants. Depending on the selected accessories and clothing, the presence or absence of a jacket, this thing always looks new. Ladies combine it with classic trousers and pleated skirts, with cardigans and jackets, with stoles and leather jackets. The most important thing when creating a look is to take into account the fact that a black turtleneck looks very boring without jewelry, a neckerchief and other bright accessories. So do not forget to complement it with good stylish tricks.

6. A little black dress

Coco Chanel made a wonderful gift to all the ladies of the world, when she invented a little black dress. The founder of the fashion house “Chanel” believed that these clothes should be present in the wardrobe of every woman, regardless of her age, social status, constitution or lifestyle. A little black dress is a truly versatile outfit. In a combination with a jacket or a cardigan, you can wear it to work; in a combination with a denim jacket, it can be worn for a walk; and in a combination with heels, you can put it on for a romantic dinner. Given the fact that in modern stores you can find many options for this clothing item, try to choose the one that will suit you. The dress can be fitting or loose, long or short, with or without a neckline, backless or not. In general, the options are plentiful, and the last word is yours.

7. Jeans

When it goes about jeans, you can say that they were worn, are worn and will be worn for many more years. Of course, every year designers come up with more and more styles, and sometimes popular models of the past return to the catwalk. Thus, wide high-waisted jeans (boyfriends) and flared jeans have come back into fashion. Speaking of the latter, stylists advise to opt for them, which is quite logical. These jeans are very showy. They are slim, emphasize the femininity of the figure and hide all the flaws. However, it is worth remembering that the flares should be worn exclusively with heels, if your legs are not very long. If your look is complemented with shoes on a flat sole, the jeans will lose all their charm.

8. A black bag

Another classics of the genre. If there is no strict bag of a rigid form in the girl’s wardrobe, her look will not be complete. This accessory brings together all parts of the look, making it a single whole. However, when choosing a bag it should be borne in mind that it must be very concise, without an abundance of decorative elements. If you choose the right and high-quality product, you can wear it for many years because it is a must-have of any stylish girl who takes care of herself and wants to always be in style.

9. A biker jacket

Would you like to add some audacity, freedom and drive to your image? Then add a biker jacket. This thing, despite the established stereotypes, is not only suitable for adolescents and young people. It will look great on women after 40, the main thing is to buy a copy of the right style. Of course, a black leather jacket requires from its owner a special way of life and a state of mind. It will not be worn by a business lady whose life is centered around offices, conferences and negotiations. Of course, courage is needed. Not every woman will be able to challenge society by wearing a leather jacket. But this is the whole point. Become daring, purposeful, and self-confident. Thanks to a plain biker jacket.

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