Intimacy Dress Goes Transparent When You're Turned on

There already is a garment dubbed Intimacy Dress that strives to reveal all by going transparent whenever people come closer. Creator Daan Roosegaarde clearly decided that his first idea needed improvement, and we are now landed with his Intimacy Dress version 2.0.

intimacy dress 2.0

He considered it more exciting if the garment turns see-through not because of other people approaching, but because of the heat level in the wearer! As the wearer is getting turned on, the dress is dropping its guard and gets more transparent. The trick is in opaque foil elements intercalated between the leather ribbons which react when the heart begins to beat faster – and make the wearer more sexy and romantic!

The idea seems appealing, the more so since the Intimacy Dress 2.0 has brought Roosegaarde a bunch of awards since it was exhibited in China. Does getting China’s Most Successful Design Award and the Dutch Design Award mean that the dress will soon become popular? We’ve no idea, but as a Valentine’s Day outfit it would be a great idea!

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