iLogic Sound Hat to Keep You Warm and Merry

Winds are bringing fall, warmth and protection will soon be at issue, hats will start to sell, and you are welcome to avail yourself of the iLogic Sound Hat – a headwear and a gadget in one.

Various Colors of iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic Sound Hat dispenses with constant adjusting of your headphones and your hat for greater comfort. It has built-in speakers that will set over your ears as you put it on.

You can connect it to an MP3 player, an iPhone or iPod. A 3.5mm audio jack is located at the end of a 98cm wire that is pulled out of the lining to the very length you need that precludes unpleasant dangling.

Woman Wearing iLogic Sound Hat

You can get the iLogic Sound Hat for £14.99 (approximately $25) choosing a black, white or pink one.

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