Jon Gosselin’s Wedding Ring Pilfered by His Wife?

He certainly thinks so! It’s three months since Jon (32) and Kate (34) Gosselin, of the popular reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 depicting the life of their eight-kid family, started divorce procedures. Things have been changing rapidly since then, what with the rumors of the estranged Jon’s dates. Still, only two weeks ago the celebrity claimed to be still in love with the one who is going to become his ex soon.

Kate and Jon Gosselin

Now it seems that their marriage has always been marred by abusive and nagging behavior of his wife. Lately Jon took to voicing his grievances, rounding them off with saying that he “despises” Kate in the Monday issue of Good Morning America.

Maybe this outburst was triggered off by his assurance that his wedding ring that he took off and found missing later was bagged by Kate. At least he said that it couldn’t have been taken by anyone else.

Anyhow, spite seems to be the word of the day in their relationship now.

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