Heating-up Xiaomi Smart Scarf

Smart things penetrate all spheres of human activity. Xiaomi has decided to introduce smart things into the user’s wardrobe and offered an original smart scarf.

The Chinese company has filed a patent application for an unusual smart product – a smart scarf that creates comfort even in the windiest weather. The smart scarf owners won’t need to constantly adjust or tighten the scarf, it fits itself to the user’s neck automatically and determines the need for additional heat in particularly cold weather.

The patent called “Smart Scarf and its control method” contains a technical description of the textile gadget. The fabric base of the scarf incorporates temperature sensors, infrared heaters and tightness control. It is noteworthy that the design of the scarf by Xiaomi is indistinguishable from its traditional products.

Smart Scarf is managed with a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app will allow the owner to adjust heating temperature and scarf tightness. Currently, there is only a patent for the product – no date for the release of smart scarves has been announced. Given the approaching autumn, we can expect that the new product will be a huge success.

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