Hangers Display the Popularity of Clothes at C&A Stores


With shopping for clothes there’s always that difficulty: picking out a really nice piece of clothing out of rows and rows of stuff displayed in stores. The eye is tempted to rove aimlessly, and if something halts it, how can we know that the piece will turn out to be worthy of our attention and not a waste of golden minutes? You could always take a reliable friend along to help you out… And what about taking along all of your friends from Facebook?

That’s not a joke, at least in Brazil. Brazilian fashion store C&A invented a way of helping its customers get as much external advice as they like – by a clever device of employing hangers with displays that show the popularity of each particular piece!

What C&A did was post a photo of every piece of clothing they sell on their official Facebook page and ask the visitors to vote for the pieces they liked. The store network picks up the coming information and relays it instantly onto the display of the relevant piece, making the updated online popularity readable at a glance.

Naturally, it doesn’t mean you are supposed to rely fully on such information, but it can provide a quick way to set about your search and generally makes shopping a mite more fascinating through comparing your preferences with Facebook community opinion. Would you like to see the Brazilian innovation installed in your favorite retailer store?