Fully Automatic Amabrush Brushes Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

Amabrush is a device that not only reduces the time spent on daily cleaning of teeth but also significantly increases the effectiveness of this procedure. In just 10 seconds and without effort, you can achieve the desired result and brush your teeth thoroughly and accurately. The uniqueness of the product consists in the fact that the cleaning process is fully automated.

Constructively, the Amabrush device consists of two main elements: a detachable cleaning nozzle made of special silicone with antibacterial properties and a drive mechanism that provides vibration of the cleaning element.

The method of cleaning teeth with Amabrush is quite simple. The user inserts a cleaning nozzle into the mouth, similar to a mouthguard, and connects it to the drive with a magnetic clutch. The device is activated by pressing the start button. Inside Amabrush, there is a capsule filled with toothpaste, which enters the work area through microscopic channels.

The developers achieved high efficiency and safety of cleaning teeth by placing the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees to gums and dental plates. In this case, soft bristles perform reciprocating movements along a fixed trajectory, excluding damage to the user’s tender gums.

The vibration of the bristles and precisely calculated trajectory covering the whole surface of the teeth at once allow the procedure to be reduced to 10 seconds compared to 180-second traditional tooth cleaning time. The toothpaste is changed every two months. Replacement of the Amabrush brush itself should take place once every 3-6 months, just as in case of a usual toothbrush.

The cost of the Amabrush toothbrush, which should appear on the market in December, is 89 dollars. The price of toothpaste is $3.4. Over 1.5 million euros have already been collected on the crowdfunding platform, with 50,000 euros required for the project launch.

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