Dumbbell Alarm Clock for a Perfect Healthy Morning

Fred & Friends are always trying to wed the funny and the useful, overstepping the line sometimes on one side or the other – which side have they found themselves on now with their latest idea called the SHAPE UP? This cheerful name is given to an alarm clock with a healthy twist to it. Maybe they decided to seriously lend a hand to the cause of fighting with swelling stomachs?

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Anyhow, you set the alarm for the time you want to be up and about and hit the pillow. When the time is ripe for awakening, the alarm goes off. But it’s no use trying to try and shut it off hitting a button – there isn’t one! The alarm isn’t turned off until you have done 30 reps with it using it in its other capacity – a free weight! And it’s no joke, there is no getting round it… exercise!

So the SHAPE UP can be regarded as a gift with a hint to a friend – or maybe to yourself if it’s just the very incentive you need?

This ingenious gadget is beneficial all around, being packaged in an environment-friendly recyclable box.

Source of the image: popgadget.net.

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