A New Cute Softbank: Hello Kitty and Cell Phones Still Go Together

The folks at Softbank (Japan) are sure that you can’t have too much of a good thing, and made the latest addition to the growing number of Hello Kitty devices launching a new cool cell phone. It is known as the 942H KT and has the standard appearance of a flip phone, displaying its Hello Kitty devotion colors and images only when you flip it open.

Hello Kitty Cell Phone

The phone, Sharp-produced, displays an impressive list of features including 3D gaming, 1-Seg television viewing, GPS, and electronic wallet.

It certainly seems to be one of those things that Japanese – and not only they – will hurry to grab, but lovers of Hello Kitty paraphernalia will have to wait until the price is out.

Source of the image: dvice.com.

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