CLARO IPL Acne Clearing Device


Impeccably smooth, clean and beautiful skin is the ideal of every fashionable lady. However, not everyone is lucky to have such natural skin. In such cases, light therapy devices would be very helpful.

Acne Clearing therapy device

The variety of such gadgets has been recently replenished with one compact device with high efficiency and an attractive design called CLARO IPL Acne Clearing Device. It provides an optimum combination of high temperature and healing light rays, allowing to get rid of acne as soon as possible.

The intensive effect of the CLARO light therapy device is produced by three kinds of energy simultaneously.

  • The blue light penetrates to a depth of 400-430 nm and stimulates the removal of pathogenic bacteria from the upper layers of the skin.
  • The red light penetrates to 600 nm and, in a combination with thermal effects, reduces the inflammation and redness in the treated area.
  • Infrared energy penetrates deeper than any other kind – to about 700 nm. In a combination with the blue light, it can destroy the bacteria that promote the growth of pimples and hide in the deep layers of the skin.

According to the manufacturer’s clinical tests, the CLARO IPL Acne Clearing device has shown a decrease in the number of p.acnes bacteria, which cause acne, by 94.8% after only 6 seconds of treating the affected skin area. After this, the growth of the pimples stops, the redness and inflammation subside, and very soon the skin gets cleansed.

The gadget is available in three color options – rich pink, black and cobalt blue. It costs about $195.

Source of the image: Ladytech.