Admirers of TAG Heuer Meridiist Luxury Phones Can Expect New Models

The Meridiist luxury cell phone series by TAG Heuer has recently been augmented by three new models, designed along the same lines, but with a distinctive finish-off.

TAG Heuer Meridiist Stainless steel and Rose Gold

Their common features include the internal memory capacity of 2GB, two displays – a 1.9 inch QVGA sapphire crystal thing and an OLED affair at the top.

The do-over to make the new TAG Heuer Meridiists special go as follows:

– the Python Gold Dust is a handful of 1.3-carat resplendent diamonds with an addition of East African green garnet strewn over gold on python leather, all wild and enchanting;

TAG Meridiist Python Gold Dust

– the Black Diamond carries bigger stones (1.34 carats), pink gold on lizard leather and 316L stainless steel, all deep and mystic;

TAG Heuer Meridiist Black Diamond

– the Stainless Steel & Rose Gold comes without gems, but no less stunning with its 18-carat pink gold and alligator leather, solid and dangerous.

There’s no official information on the prices so far.

Source of the image: Extravaganzi

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