Feed Me More: 4 Electronics Your Home is Hungry For

Technology makes our lives easier. With an ever-changing world, smarter and simpler technologies are arising every day. Think about the technologies you have in your home now, then imagine what it would be like to have electronics that make life even better. Ah…bliss.

Thought you had it all with your smartphone and big screen TV? Not quite. Check out these amazing electronics that your home is craving.

Smart Thermostat


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Are you sick of getting home after a long day and it’s either too hot or too cold? Fear not. Your new smart thermostat has you covered.
Among the best on the market, the Nest Thermostat makes your life super easy. What makes it smart and user-friendly? The thermostat learns your behavior and adjusts to it within a week of installation. For instance, if you turn down the heat before you leave for work to help conserve energy, the thermostat will get used to it and begin adjusting on its own to save you time.

But that’s not all it can do. You can also connect your thermostat to your phone so you can adjust the temperature remotely. The kids got out of school early? Simply change the settings on your phone and have the home warm and toasty (or cool and refreshing) when they get home. As an added bonus, the thermostat can help you save 20 percent on your heating and cooling bill.

Electronic Locks

Every time you get to the front door, you have to stand there for 10 minutes looking for your keys — not anymore. With electronic locks, you can control your home’s security system from your phone or open doors with a simple code. Need a friend to head over to your house and pick something up? No problem. You don’t have to give anything away or even tell them your code. Simply unlock the door from your smartphone once they get there. You can even use this technology to open and close your garage door.
You can opt for Near Field Communication (NFC) apps like CalypsoKey for iPhones, which opens the door when you touch your phone to it, or you can reserve your Lockitron lock, which installs over your current lock, tells you when your door is locked and unlocked, and allows for keyless entry.

Smart TV


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Are you sick of connecting your phone to the TV or watching Netflix with your Wii? Well now you don’t have to worry about it since your smart TV works with the same apps so you can stream video without connecting to another device. Want to listen to Pandora through the TV? No problem. Want to rent movies, play games, and do more with your TV? It’s easy with a smart TV, and you don’t have to hassle with connecting devices.
As you’re shopping for a new TV, you should also consider which cable company you’ll go with to get the most out of it. Make sure to compare providers to help you get the best deal.

Smart Refrigerator

You thought you had all the smarts you could get with your smartphone, smart TV, and smart thermostat, but there are numerous other smart products that help make you and your family’s lives easier. With a smart refrigerator, like the smart fridge from Samsung, you get a tablet right on your fridge, allowing you to perform incredible functions from your kitchen. Here are some awesome ways people are using their smart fridges:

  1. Update your grocery list with Evernote. You can even update your list while your partner is grocery shopping, and then they can get access to the updated list straight from their phone.
  2. Listen to Pandora while cooking.
  3. Tell your refrigerator what groceries you have and it’ll give you a list of meal ideas based on what’s in your cupboards.
  4. Keep up with your Twitter feed while preparing supper.
  5. While you may feel life has become easier within the last five years alone, you can make it even more hassle-free and comfortable by using these nifty gadgets in your home.

Author Bio: Elliot Martinez is freelance writer and business graduate. Elliot covers all business topics and tech trends.

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