20 Gadgets That Are Never Used

Electric candles boast a time-honored appearance and often look nice in the room… But when it comes to turning on the light, they tend to get forgotten, day after day, month after month. And here they are topping the list of 20 most useless gadgets.

Electric Candles

Or maybe it is that people don’t like to use things that were handled manually back in time but are now produced in an electric version, like electric nail files, electric fluff removers or electric carving knives?

Anyhow, Protectyourbubble.com came up with their list of most useless devices upon the completion of a poll involving 3,000 people. Their spokesperson summed up that in an attempt to purchase the gadgets that promise to take over some household job we can discover later that they have fallen into a graceless disuse.

75 per cent of British homes are cluttered with gadgets that are not used, with maybe the Top 5 present in most of them – electric candles are followed by electric nail files, laser-guided scissors, bread maker and egg slicer.

Half of the people polled are regretting their useless buy. Only half? Can it be that the poll incited people to adopt a habit of using some of the gadgets that sound rather helpful, like mini disk player (place 10), back massager (12) or cocktail shaker (13)? Towel warmer that occupies the modest last place also seems like a thing that can be forgotten but found rather a pleasant acquisition when used.

To avoid regrets you’d better go through the remainder of the list to know what gadgets are most likely to clutter your cupboard –

6. Egg boiler
7. Back scratcher
8. Electric fluff remover
9. Fondue set
11. Yoghurt maker
14. Electric carving knife
15. Sodastream
16. Facial tanners
17. Teas made
18. Waffle iron
19. Foot spa

Source of the image: Ladiesgadgets

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