20 Gadgets Found Most Confusing by Both Sexes

Amica Kitchen Appliances commissioned a research into the jungle of machinery through which we have to struggle in the course of life – and found that men are practically helpless with kitchen gadgets whereas women get lost in the functions of a cell phone or an MP3 player.

Gadgets women misuse

Of 2,000 adults polled men proved to be fairly efficient about household devices, yet now and then they run into a gadget that is stubbornly recalcitrant. 25% confessed that they wouldn’t know how to operate the washing machine and about the same number admitted they were baffled by the grill.

Women said they occasionally have trouble making their computer do what they want or find many of the high-tech devices unmanageable – down to their kids’ games console or a digital camera.

The comment from the Amica Kitchen Appliances’ spokesperson rounded off the conclusion that women are handy with the kitchen appliances while men have their hearts set on gadgets that they can carry about “and as a result master new technology with excitement and ease.”

On the other hand the survey revealed that if a man is clueless he will be unlikely to ask his partner for a lesson in gadget usage and would rather risk ruining the machine. It’s different with women who would simply delegate the baffling gadget to the partner’s abilities and refuse to employ it altogether.


Kitchen appliances – oven, grill, dishwasher, microwave oven, hob, mixer
Household appliances – washing machine, tumble dryer, iron, hoover


Computers and laptops
Cell phones, smartphones, iPad, Blackberry
MP3, digital camera, games console
Sat nav.

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