6 Ways to Prepare Yourself For Being an Egg Donor

Women considering becoming egg donors have many things to think about. There are a lot of benefits for donors, but there are also a lot of requirements that donors must be prepared to handle. Here is a look at some of the ways a donor can become prepared for the egg donation process.

Physical Preparations


Here are some of the physical requirements that women should consider:

Do You Qualify?

Physical requirements can be rigorous for egg donors. You wouldn’t expect it, but egg donors have to be physically fit to qualify, as it gives the process greater odds for success. Here are a few things that would disqualify a donor:

  • Smoking & Drinking
  • Illegal Drug History
  • History of Cancer or Heart Disease
  • History of Being Paid for Sex
  • Being Over 35 Years Old

What to Do Before You Start

Before an egg donor starts the process of donation she must give up all alcohol and strenuous physical activity. She should plan to forego sexual activity for the full term of donation (which takes up to two weeks). Women must also stop using birth control.

What to Expect

Prepare yourself physically to receive three shots a day in your thigh. You will also be subject to daily ultrasounds and blood draws as necessary, so you should drink plenty of fluids and keep a clear schedule. Women must anticipate being tired, irritable and sensitive.
Recovery from the simple surgery takes about two days. Women should be ready to rest and relax afterwards.

Mental Preparations


Here are some of the mental considerations that women should make beforehand:

Do You Qualify?

Along with being physically fit for donation, women must be mentally prepared. There are a few mental health issues that would disqualify donors:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • History of Mental Health Issues

Along with these general disqualifiers, agencies and families could disqualify a woman on other considerations. Recipients are looking for someone who is in top physical and mental health.

What to Do Before You Start

Before you start the egg donor process there are some things you should do to mentally prepare. For example, you should inform your partner and family about the process you will be going through and that you might be sensitive and vulnerable. Also, you should inform your workplace about scheduling issues that will arise, and plan to take a few days off for the surgery.

What to Expect

During the injections women experience heightened emotions and stress. They might be worried about the future child’s wellbeing, and concerned about the couple. Some women experience a brief depression after the egg donation surgery. However, most women report feeling a lot of pride that they could help a couple in need.
Donors should try to stay positive and think about the benefits of the egg donation, rather than dwell on the possible negatives. Keeping a positive attitude helps with recovery time right from the mental strain of donation.
Choosing to donate an egg is a generous act that affects many different people. Donors should be prepared for all of the things they will experience before they start the process.

Article by Emily Green

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