The Worst Mother-in-law Lives in Britain


A young Englishwoman received a terrible e-mail from her future mother-in-law just a few days before the wedding. The e-mail has roused the indignation of the whole United Kingdom.

Happy Haidi before Mother-in-law letter

The 60-year-old woman, Carolyn Bourne, sent the young woman a list of claims and moral admonitions. The daughter-in-law found the message from her mother-in-law not only in her personal mailbox, but in the working mailboxes as well. Three copies of the letter had to convince her to give due attention to the priceless recommendations. Young Heidi was amazed at a long list of blames and immediately forwarded the masterpiece to her friends, and they sent it to the friends of theirs.

As a result, an explosive letter of the mother-in-law, who received a nice nickname Momzilla, was available to the general public. The woman is not the one to be envied – in just a few weeks she became the most hated mother-in-law in Britain. Mrs. Bourne’s lecturing, written in a wonderful style that looks even more toxic, is very diverse. It concerns all aspects of her daughter’s-in-law life, starting with manners. For instance, the mother-in-law believes that a guest cannot refuse the hated food since it is rude, and the only valid reason is being allergic to something. And no way you can ask for an additional helping!

Momzilla advised the bride to cut the wedding costs because of her parents’ unenviable financial situation and noted that she found the place chosen for the ceremony very vulgar. According to the bride’s father, Alan Withers, he met the parents of the future son-in-law last year, and Mrs. Bourne struck him and seemed a very arrogant person. Momzilla has not made any comments so far. However, in a letter she wrote that at her son’s wedding she would keep silence full of dignity.

Source of the image: Sodahead.