World’s Biggest Breasts Keep Growing

Chelsea Charms stands 5 ft 3, but you won’t be able to guess the size of her breasts – they are not just outsize, in all probability they are the biggest in the world. They already measure for a stunning 164XXX cup and keep growing.

World's Biggest Breasts

Chelsea, who is a highly-paid exotic dancer, recounted the story of her striving to grow a hefty pair of boobs on ITV’s This Morning Chelsea. She began from a common D-size.

The first operation she had at 20 gave her a DD cup; she made it do for a year, then had another one that left her with an impressive HH cup. She went on to cap it with Polypropylene String Breast Implants, an operation that has been banned since. The short of it is that string implants provide continuous stimulation of the breast pocket into generating more and more fluid. Absorbing the fluid, the implant makes the breasts grow in volume at a steady rate.

When asked why she decided to go so far, Chelsea admitted that she wanted to attract attention to herself.

She realizes that a reduction process will set in and there will come a time when her breasts will start deflating, but she expects to be left with something more impressive than her original D-size.

The current Guinness record winner in boob size is Maxi Mounds, but Chelsea is sure she outstripped her. She means to have her breasts measured and get Guinness to recognize her record.

Source of the image: Youtube.

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