Fluffy Cat Ears Show Emotions

While we are deep in the habit of strewing emoticons around plentifully when socializing in the Internet, some people must be feeling uncomfortable because they are devoid of the facility in the outer world. Surely it is for those who long for a real-life means of showing what they are feeling that the Japanese company Neurowear has catered. Only they will have to wear cat ears.

Neurowear Necomimi Cat Ears

Neurowear’s spokesperson introduced the company’s fluffy cat ears, or “Necomimi”, as “new human organs” that are called upon to inform those around you of your emotional state as it undergoes changes. So this cute headwear that looks like an accessory for festivals is really a “vital communication tool.”

The neko ears are connected to a sensor that is fixed on the forehead and sends out signals which make the ears react by changing their shape. Thus, when you are feeling blue, the ears droop, when you get tired, they go flat. If you see the ears wiggle you can be sure that the wearer is in merry mood. It’s still not clear whether their movement correlates with the movements expressing the feelings of a cat – and whether we actually would like them to.

Fashionistas who are charmed with this new communicative organ can purchase them later this year.

Source of the image: Impactlab.

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