Women Are Taking Over Home DIY Tasks

A recent survey informs that women in Britain have gotten into doing odd DIY jobs (Do-it-yourself jobs) about the house quite seriously and beginning to like it!


A poll of over 1,000 people commissioned by Bosch yielded high percentage results of women’s activity in homes, with 48 per cent of women find DIY tasks pleasantly challenging in terms of style and interior design abilities.

And while 69% are ready to nail up a shelf or fix on a handle to take it off the contractor’s bill, 78% have grown to experience enjoyment when handling a hammer or a screwdriver.

In odd news, almost three quarters of the people polled find women more than passable DIYers, to be credited with more patience and diligence. Can we take it that men agree with the tendency and let their women take over?

Summing up that gender doesn’t mean that much now in the field of home DIY tasks, a spokesperson for Bosch pointed out that women “are using DIY as a way to express creativity in the home” as compared with males who considered it as a way to assert themselves.

And now, as the Chritmas is just around the corner, what do you think of expressing creativity in gifts by creating DIY Christmas gifts?

Source of the image: Photl

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