Woman Has Grown World's Longest Fingernails


She just let them grow, says the 45-year-old singer and mother from Las Vegas who made it into the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records thanks to her fingernails, the longest this side of paradise.

Woman has the longest fingernails in the world

As GWR followers get to know about the new record breakers they realize it is quite possible to get your nails to be as long as Christine Walton’s jaw-dropping 19ft 9in, or almost 602cm. According to the full-clawed lady, these hand decorations are the result of 20-year-long growth.

Woman has the longest fingernails in the world

Walton gets around with 10ft 2in of nails on her left hand and a little shorter right hand; though it may be a little hard to spot, her right-hand nails measure but 9ft 7in.

But what about her manual dexterity, is it impaired heavily? Oh no, shares the singer, she is quite confortable driving, cooking and doing her hair. Actually, the only problem is choosing clothes – she has to keep her hands off some cute shirts because they are sure to be shredded up in no time.

Her record, explains Walton, was not intentional. What with her music and looking after the children, she just stopped trimming her nails at a time, and when she paid attention the next time she found that they were about 9 inches long!

The length of her fingernails equals the length of 5 adult arm spans or 12-year-old boy’s intestines. A killer whale and two mini coopers measure no longer than what she carries on her fingertips!

Source of the image: Ibtimes.