Reasons to Avoid Gel Manicure

Girls often use gel polish for the sake of a beautiful manicure that can last for several weeks. However, few are aware that it is nowhere near as safe as people think of it and that it is better to avoid gel manicure. It has many disadvantages, which are important to know about before you decide on such a manicure again.

The invention of Shellac gel manicure and nail polish has re-discovered the nail industry, making the dream of a long-lasting, super-glossy manicure a reality. However, from the very beginning, there has been a lot of controversy about the safety of gel manicure and how often it should be done to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Today, two-thirds of salons offer either or both services. Each of these services promises to provide long-lasting acrylic wear without accompanying nail damage. The process involves applying gel or shellac to the nails, ‘baking’ it with a heat lamp, and soaking the nails with a special compound to remove it. So, what confuses many professionals in this process?

Aggressive nail treatment

The process of applying the gel/shellac involves several stages that can not only damage your nails and nail bed, but also endanger your health.

Fileting your nails too hard to prepare them for gel application can expose your skin to chemicals and infections. The most important tip is to never trim your cuticles! If absolutely necessary, ask the technician to gently push it aside.

Low-quality products are often used

Salons may mix acrylic products with gel products, or buy cheap gel products from manufacturers with low quality control. Some chemicals can even cause shortness of breath and irritate the eyes and skin.

Drying causes aging and pigmentation of the skin of hands

Such a manicure involves drying the nails under an ultraviolet lamp (in fact, it uses the same rays that can cause sunburn) between the application of each layer and at the end of the procedure to have the gel fixed.

Take sunscreen with you and apply it for about 10 minutes before placing your hands in the UV lamp.

Toxic fumes

Ventilation is very important during the procedure. If you’re having trouble breathing, you definitely shouldn’t get a manicure like this. You need to wear a mask or sit by an open window.

Look for salons equipped with a built-in vacuum that draws in vapors and particles in order to minimize the amount of inhaled aerosol components.

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